What we do at Chinabridge

As the Chinese economy emerges your organisation can benefit and learn from lessons already learnt in developed countries. Helping your organisation avoid the pitfalls and mistakes that Irish organisations both public and private have made in the past, can save both time and money.

The scope of delegations that ChinaBridge has helped to connect with ranges from banking, legal, financial, health, social welfare, education, environment, architecture, waste management and training. There have been may fact-finding missions beyond these.

We have helped make connections with the National Standards Authority, Department of Health, Social Welfare, the Office of the Ombudsman, the University sector including Trinity College Dublin (TCD), University College Dublin (UCD), Dublin Institute of Technology (DIT) and the Education and Training Board (ETB) and many more state bodies, organisations and businesses.

In the last ten years, we have delivered a range of services to clients in China across a broad spectrum of industry sectors, including information technology, energy, healthcare, food and public sector.